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PAY PER CLICK ADVERTISING – (AKA) PPC is an internet advertising model that drives traffic to websites by paying a publisher each time an ad is clicked.
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Why Use PPC?

PPC is easily Measurable

As Drucker once said, “what gets measured gets improved.” You can set up your PPC campaigns to carefully track their effectiveness, so you will know exactly how much return you will get on investment.

Targeting your specific audience is a breeze

You are at liberty to choose your target audience according to demographics like location, language and device.

Pay Per Click Advertising can be customized

Depending on what works best, you can adjust your campaigns in many small ways.

Visible results right away

Your PPC efforts will have an immediate impact while organic SEO tactics can take months to show results.

It’s Cost-effective:

Since you only pay when a visitor reaches your website, it can be a smart investment.

You are entirely in charge of how much you choose to spend.

Newspaper Ads Vs PPC



Newspaper Ads


Specific Audience

Mass Audience (only)


Can be measured at every step

Not possible


Ad campaigns can be modified

Once published, no change can be made


Since the ads can be optimized, only investing in campaigns that work can result in high returns.

An ad’s success will result in a high ROI, but a failure will result in a total loss


Almost any budget can be used for advertising

Budgets are high due to the large audience

Email Marketing services

Why choose us as your PPC Advertising Agency?

“We help you CONVERT cart abandoners into CONVERSIONS.”

  • We define and implement brand-centric strategies.
  • Keywords are researched and then implemented in content for online distribution.
  • We monitor analytics and provide business value.
  • We specialize in Contextual Advertising.
  • We audit your paid search campaigns and develop strategies to reduce costs and enhance performance.
  • With the aid of analytics, our PPC experts identify key areas that should be optimized for your benefit.

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