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Are you a business owner who is looking for digital marketing strategies to enhance your online presence?

Or an individual who focuses on better social engagements?

Or a digital marketer who wants to keep yourself updated with the latest trends?

Or someone who is always eager to learn something new?

We are glad to reach you through this channel.  This is exclusively for sharing our knowledge with a wider audience, who are willing to unleash the fullest potential of digital marketing.

We are DAAC 360, the Tech Arm of SHARP GROUP from Coimbatore!

Being a five-decade-old business group, with proven traditional marketing strategies, it wasn’t easy for us to get adapted to today’s digital world.  When we understood the importance of digital marketing, we decided to enhance our online presence through Search Engine Optimization and Social Media Marketing, which helped us grow multi-fold even during the pandemic.

Do you think a true leader would mind helping others succeed?

Being the market leader for decades, we are determined to help you succeed by sharing our knowledge.  As a part of this process, we will be sharing a lot of information here in the coming days.

Stay tuned with us for regular updates!

-Team DAAC360

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